You can't

Protect your family from
Invisible Invaders hiding in
your kitchen at home, work,
or school.

Holding public kitchens accountable.

Until recently, the provincial and federal government of Canada required kitchens in restaurants, schools, and senior complexes to be regularly tested for food pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria.

Without regulations in place, kitchen inspections are conducted at the discretion of the property owner. Inspections will involve a quick look around to identify any noticeable hazards. But to save on costs, full inspections are often completed less frequently, less thoroughly, and sometimes not at all.

At petroforma, we believe that kitchen managers should be held accountable for maintaining a safe and bacteria free food prep area to protect the health of people in our community.

As an independent laboratory, we’ve been serving clients in the food industry since 2001 and the energy industry since 2008. Our labs operate in accordance with ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System and CALA ISO17025 Accreditation.

Meet the Invisible Invaders

Stomach bug or Salmonella?

Food poisoning can present itself in symptoms similar to those of a stomach bug. In most cases, symptoms will include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever, lasting a few days. A small percentage of infections will result in serious illness or fatality. If you or your child frequently experience stomach flu-like symptoms, an unsanitary food prep station could be to blame. Click to download our Rally for Safer Kitchens guide and learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of food poising.

In any kitchen, cross-contamination and improper cleaning techniques may cause bacteria to multiply and quickly spread to other surfaces. Our downloadable Kitchen Checklist has quick tips for protecting any food prep station against the spread of bacteria.

It’s your health. Take charge today.

Take your health into your own hands by educating yourself on safe food practices. Download our helpful Kitchen Checklist, and hang it near your food prep stations for a quick reminder everyday.

Before dining at a restaurant, sending your child to school or daycare, or the next time you visit a loved one at a senior’s complex, ask to see the kitchen’s inspection records. For even more ways to keep your family safe, join our Rally for Safer Kitchens today.

Email us at or visit our Facebook page for more information on bacteria testing and tips to start the conversation. We’ll respond to any inquires within 24 hours.

You eat smart, now eat safe.